Rosafi Holding, since march 2012, owned by a well established 2003 founded dutch company, is a leading research and development company specialized in datacenter automation and cloud computing technologies.

With datacenters and offices across four continents, we are doing everything we can to lead in our fields with enhanced automation, scalable cloud solutions and customizable environments for our partners across the globe.

Our Culture & Values

At Rosafi Holding we understand that people are one of the most important assets and key to our business success!
That’s why we have created a flexible working environment to make our employees feel at ease.

At Rosafi Holding employees are enjoying:


At Rosafi we believe in the positive results of encouraging creativity in every step of software development. Using open source technologies you are encouraged to come up with your own creativity in developing the right solutions.


One company, one team, one passion! Our employees are encouraged to support each other by sharing and exchanging ideas. Moreover events are organized for all of our engineers to strengthen the bond between them and mutual friendship.

Decision making

Engagement is what we expect from developers at Rosafi. One such way is making developers part of the decision making process. A pro-active attitude is not only what we appreciate but something we highly encourage

In-house training

No one could deny the fast moving changes in the IT world! It’s essential for us to keep our employees up to date about the latest technologies. We offer our employees in-house training to keep themselves up to date and to meet their career objectives. Investing in our developers is investing in Rosafi Holding.

Cutting edge technologies

Rosafi Holding is committed to working with the latest technologies and to stay at the front row of IT revolutions. Expect to work with advanced technologies on projects related to virtualization and cloud computing.

Modern office environment

Rosafi Holding has created a modern work environment to satisfy it’s employees as possible and to meet the fast change of Today’s work environment. Our employees enjoy working with the latest IT equipment, intercultural business communication within our diverse workforce and high spirit among our team work.