As an offshore research and development company in Tunisia, Rosafi Holding is well equipped, skilled and highly flexible to deliver reliable software solutions for its worldwide partners.

Areas of Expertise

Throughout the years our professional team of developers has become specialized in:

Datacenter Automation

With Over 13 years of experience in managing thousands of servers across the globe, we know exactly how datacenters needs to be run and maintained and maximize uptime and performance.

Content Delivery Networks

We maintain worldwide POPs of hundreds of servers to make sure that static and dynamic files and rich media gets delivered as quickly as possible to end users.

Storage Defined Networking

Big Data brings new opportunities, but puts a burden in Cloud Storage environments. With our expertise, we are able to deliver Storage Defined Networking easily for even the most demanding environments.

Software Defined Networking

We bring Cloud Networks to a new level, with more automation, enhanced security, faster deployments and scalable to accomodate all kinds of networking needs.

Cloud Computing

Our extensive experience in IaaS, Paas & SaaS environments improves performance, provides on demand provisioning and helps us manage Cloud environments from A to Z.

Cross Platforms

We make sure that all desktop and mobile platforms are able to experience the same services and possibilities of management to our software and enviroments.